Who? What? When? Where? Why?
A newsletter about some things happening at WBAI. April 27, 2004
Presented by R. Paul Martin as an individual producer. Vol. 1 No. 3
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We postponed accepting the minutes of the previous meeting again, but at least we postponed it pretty quickly this time.

The LSB voted to set up the dates of its next four meetings. The dates accepted were April 15th & 28th, May 20th and June 10th. All meetings are to start at 6:30 PM and venues are to be determined.

Dates and locations of future LSB and committee meetings are listed on the home page of wbai.org.

The public comments section of this meeting only lasted 22 minutes because that's all the public comment there was. Reminder: Staff may speak during these public comment sessions.

The LSB Treasurer, who is also chair of the LSB Finance Committee, reported that WBAI Management had reported to him that the station had $392,615 in the bank which was about $143,000 more than had been projected. This is a good thing. He also reported that the Pacifica National Office had requested that WBAI kick in $118,000 to cover a legal settlement.

Some of us who had been at the March 31, All Staff Meeting reported on the new information from that meeting, including the announced changing of the telephone codes and lock changes so as to better secure the station.

Motions, each a page long, were brought to the floor to create three standing committees. These motions were amended, debated, spanked and eventually passed. The committees are:

• Management Evaluation
• Programming
• Membership, Outreach & Fundraising

A motion which took up a mere third of a page was passed which created an ad hoc Elections Committee.

The LSB then launched into nominations and elections for LSB delegates to various Pacifica

National Board (PNB) committees. The details of these nominations and elections don't really matter because we voided everything at the next meeting and started doing it over.

This meeting was adjourned at 10:30 PM.

We passed the minutes of the previous two meetings. This is becoming a pattern.

After this, some time was taken up trying to decide whether to postpone the elections to the PNB committees until after one LSB member, who had a conflicting engagement, showed up. Part of the problem was that she was supposed to show up at 8:30 and Phil Botwinnik, who had to run the complicated election procedures, had to leave by 8:30. Eventually it was decided that we'd have the mandated 30 minute public comment session and see what happened.

Shortly after the public comment session was over the LSB member for whom we'd all been waiting showed up at 7:30 so it looked like we were going to get everything done quickly. We should have known better.

The Man Who Wasn't There

As the nominating and voting process was about to start members of a certain slate insisted that one of their slate's LSB members who wasn't present be allowed to vote via telephone in these elections for the PNB committees.

Yours truly raised a point of order that an absent member voting over the phone would constitute a proxy vote and the Pacifica bylaws specifically prohibit proxy voting. The chair agreed and ruled that the LSB member who wasn't there couldn't vote.

The absent member's slate-mates appealed this ruling and there followed a long debate on whether or not voting by telephone constituted a proxy vote. In the end, the attempt to overturn the chair's ruling failed by one vote and the absent member was not

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