Who? What? When? Where? Why?
A newsletter about some things happening at WBAI. March 7, 2005
Presented by R. Paul Martin as an individual producer. Vol. 2 No. 2
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We'll start with a correction: The Vice Chair of the Pacifica National Board (PNB) is Julie C. Rodriguez. I'd spelled her name according to her candidate's statement for the election.

The main job of this meeting was to elect members to the PNB committees.

After taking a bit more than half an hour to get the agenda approved a motion was passed that allowed for roll call votes if one fifth of the members present agreed. But at the next meeting the Chair ruled this motion had not passed.

There was a little shell game over the security guards. We couldn't get a straight answer about the presence or lack of security guards. Latest story: they were paid to sit in a car outside the building.

After some debate, and suggested corrections, the approval of the past minutes for a number of meet ings was postponed.

The deadline for AFTRA to approve of the Gen eral Manager Search Sub-committee (GMSS) was extended to February 15th. A motion to create a search committee for an interim General Manager was put off because it conflicted with a motion that had previously been passed by the LSB.

During public comment more than one person asked about the results of the listener survey that was sent out with the 2003, election materials. After more than a year, WBAI Management hasn't released the results of that survey despite people being paid to work on it. After the LSB voted to adjourn at 9:38 PM the Chair held off announcing that the meeting was over so that her colleagues from the faction currently in charge could get in some notices to rescind motions. We hadn't elected anyone to the PNB committees.

This was actually the continuation of the previous

meeting. We finally got around to electing people to PNB committees. Here's who got elected.

Committee of Inclusion: Ray LaForest, Lisa Davis, Miguel Maldonado, Marian Borenstein.

PNB Programming Committee
Shawn Rhodes & Cerene Roberts.

PNB Governance Committee
R. Paul Martin & Cerene Roberts.

PNB elections Review Committee
Carolyn Birden & Cerene Roberts.

PNB Audit Committee
Berthold Reimers & Cheryl Ife Griffin.

PNB Technology Committee
Evan Tobias & Paul DeRienzo.

There was a lot of time for public comment while the votes were being counted. One faction member actually called for a “kangaroo court!” The bulk of the public comment was made repeatedly by the same three guys, one of whom calls on the air a lot.

The Treasurer reported a “profit” of $59,000 as of 12/31/04, which he characterized as good, but not as much as was projected. He said that the PNB Finance Committee was monitoring WBAI and we'll have to watch expenses.

There will be a Town Hall meeting on April 16.

During one exchange, a faction operative spilled the beans about a secret PNB investigation of workplace safety issues at WBAI.

There was some controversy over what's called The LSB Show. One faction member was especially keen to have her way regarding it. But the faction couldn't come up with coherent wording for their motion, so the motion was tabled. A motion to table is undebatable. So after the motion to table passed the faction member who wanted her way with this program moved to take it off the table! This told the rest of the faction what to do and they voted the opposite of what they'd just done. We're

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