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See the Supreme Court decision that's had this chilling effect.

R. Paul Martin's illustrated page of  CENSORED !

So this ridiculous flap stopped the Calvin Klein ads from being put up in Times Square. Well, maybe they ought to accuse my parents of  CENSORED  too. Look at all of these photographs of a certain small child in either underwear or a bathing suit (no one called them “swim suits” in those days).

RPM in his shorts at 4

This is me at about four years of age on the rooftop in back of the 2 room apartment that my parents and I lived in at 339 9th St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I'm probably about the same age as the boys in the Calvin Klein ads. Is this  CENSORED ? Should my mother, who took the photograph, be arrested? Should I be arrested for putting what the right wing group “Morality in Media” calls “child  CENSORED  on the Web? Hey, look at that snazzy underwear!

Scantily clad RPM striking a sexy pose

In this one I'm 8 years old, and look at  CENSORED ! Surely this must  CENSORED  Wowee, I bet that guy from the “Morality in Media” group must be creaming in his shorts, er, I mean he must be really incensed about this one!

RPM showing his sexy buns in a tight fitting bathing suit!

And this one is  CENSORED ! I'm still 8 years old, almost 9, it's the Summer of 1956, and I'm at an outdoor shower washing the lake off me.  CENSORED ! That skimpy bathing suit is really  CENSORED . And  CENSORED  didn't just look good, they felt great! Within a year of this photograph being taken I was having sex with another boy, who was probably  CENSORED . Hey, is that a  CENSORED  that tight bathing suit?

So is this all  CENSORED ? Hah! You can apparently stop anything by shouting  CENSORED  to the gullible media these days.

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