WBAI LSB Meeting — September 10, 2014

The one hundred forty third WBAI Local Station Board (LSB) meeting was held on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, at The Theater for the New City, on the 1st floor in “the Community Space room,” at 155 1st Ave. between East 9th and East 10th Sts. in lower Manhattan. This is not an official Web page of the LSB.

The meeting started a mere half hour late. We were supposed to pass a motion regarding a Management Evaluation Committee and then hold elections to populate it. Well, all sorts of stuff was going on at the meeting. In the end we passed a motion creating a Management Evaluation Committee but we didn't get around to electing members to it. So the committee exists on paper only.

Once again the LSB did not get to a Treasurer's Report at this meeting; in fact there wasn't even a Treasurer's Report on the agenda. But I put out a written Treasurer's Report for all to read.

The faction had some members show up for this meeting who usually don't show up. And we all got into voting during the “excused absences” portion of the meeting, where the LSB routinely excuses the absence of everyone who hasn't attended. At the last meeting we voted on excused absences individually and not all of the faction operatives got excused. This time the faction had the majority for this part of the meeting and they excused all of their members, one of the non-faction members who wasn't there wasn't excused. If you have three unexcused absences in a row you're off the LSB. Maybe this stuff about excused absences isn't just people venting. Maybe this will become a bone of contention now. What a way to spend time.

After the LSB meeting there was a Delegates Assembly to consider a proposed amendment to the Pacifica bylaws. The amendment wold have allowed the PNB to try to amend the bylaws twice a year rather than the current once per year. I got to chair this meeting because I'm the Chair of the WBAI Delegates Assembly. What fun. The meeting did not pass the bylaws amendment. The vote was 10 for and 0 against. The bylaws require a majority of all of the delegates of a station to vote in favor of any bylaws amendments and that meant that the bylaws amendments required 13 affirmative votes. This meeting lasted an entire five minutes. Well, that's good, I think.

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