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It's Monday 1/15/2001 00:37:46 and I've never gotten a program's web page done later than this before. Part of the reason is of course the current crisis at WBAI. On the program I talked about freedom of speech being under attack on the Internet, as well as the current crisis at WBAI. On New Year's Day we lost one of our colleagues, Chet Jackson, and I talked about Chet as well. I got to some of the mail on the program and I've put the E-mail that I read on this page. I think this page is done at long last.

When I update these pages after the program I frequently leave some parts untouched and update and rewrite others. I'm not sure if that's good or not. It may cause confusion. In fact in the segment below about the lunar eclipse I see that the first paragraph is from the program night and talks of the eclipse in the future tense and the second paragraph is from days later and talks about the eclipse in the past tense. I guess I need to figure out some way to preserve what's written in the first place while allowing for updates. Sorry to confuse. I'll keep looking for the perfect method of updating here.

You can look to the Pacifica Theft Page for the latest on the ongoing Pacifica crisis, or you can get right to the page I have on WBAI's part in the current phase of the crisis.

WBAI was being Web cast when I checked at 7:46 PM last night. So you should be able to hear the Web cast from porus.com.

Chet Jackson
1956 - 2001

Chet Jackson was the producer of Nightflyte in the wee hours of Sunday mornings. He was a good guy and I spoke with him a lot. I saw him just about every week because he came in on Fridays, just about the same time that I usually come in to WBAI on most Fridays. Chet will be missed by all of us at WBAI.

So Pickles of the North and I watched the partial Solar eclipse on December 25th. If you missed that one don't feel bad because on Tuesday, January 9th you'll get a chance to miss a total lunar eclipse!

This lunar eclipse mostly occurred while the Moon wasn't visible from North America, but if you were especially watchful you saw see the final thirteen minutes or so of the eclipse as the moon rose at sunset (4:46 PM) on Tuesday. Unfortunately, for Pickles of the North and I there was a building right smack dab where the Moon rose and so we were only able to see about the last minute of the eclipse. We did see that though.

Yahoo! has capitulated to the assault on its right to do business and allow free expression on its services by French dimwit judge Jean-Jaques Gomez. It's very likely that this capitulation will result in a hell of a lot more lawsuits trying to squelch free speech on the Internet. This is terrible. I can't wait for some jerk from the Vatican or the Taliban to sue to get my Web site shut down.

Of course in the fortnight previous to the program George W. Bush got his approval by his father's Supreme Court rubber stamped by the Electoral College. He'll never be President to me. I'll just call him The Usurper. Below is something I was sent by someone. I don't believe in superstitious stuff, but this is a fitting commentary on Bush The Usurper.

Lest we forget that in 1555, Nostradamus wrote:

Come the millennium, month 12,
In the home of greatest power,
The village idiot will come forth
To be acclaimed the leader

If they bother to even hold an election in four years, one in which they actually count ballots, we may be rid of this Bush Jr. idiot, unless Tecumsah comes to our aid.

WBAI is currently in a big crisis. I liken it to a civil war. On the air I had my say about it, and if you want to see what I think about the current crisis CLICK HERE.

I got to some of the mail on the program. For my Halloween program I talked about something that was really scary.

Subject: Scarry rock impact earth 2025/2027
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 00:37:57 -0500
From: Alan
To: rpm@glib.com

R. Paul

I was going to mention this about 5 days or so ago, but after reading tonights www.gilb.com recent notes, I see that this weeks (Oct 30 2000) topic is about, scarry things, so I will now.

I heard, I think on the BBC news radio, that back this summer (8.2000) some sky watchers found that a 1/2 kilometer rock is going to pass near the earth next year, very close, inside the earth and moon orbits. What they are not sure of it that the next time it comes around, which might be in 2025 or 2027, don't remember it could hit the earth if it gets altered by this flyby.

2 X Click

Subject: Super Volcano Information
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 18:39:30 EST
From: Barry
To: rpm@glib.com

Here are a couple of links to more information on the Wyoming super volcano. I was skeptical when I heard it from you, but now I'm a little scared.

The first link may lead to a temporary posting, so you may want to look at it as soon as possible.

http://www.island.lk/2000/07/29/satmag.html#Here there and everywhere!


We also got a missive from A woman Named Cyn, with whom I used to hang out but who was never my girlfriend, as she always insisted. She moved away from the WBAI listening area a couple of years ago, and has sent us the following E-mail.

Subject: Guess who?
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 18:31:50 CST
From: A woman Named Cyn
To: rpm@glib.com

Hey fella. It's me. I will email you again when I have more time but to update you- I am now living in southern Cali. I have been here since April. I am mailing you on election eve (in case you get this late) and I hope after tomorrow I won't feel like leaving the country if you know what I mean. I hope all is well with you. I am moving next week to Encinitas (which is about 15 miles from here) It is a really nice area between the mountains and the beach. It is north of San diego a little ways up the coast and a much nicer area than I am in now. I will take a trip to LA later this week. I am going to check out the museum of tv and radio. It should be really cool. You get to view offerings from their huge collection. It is more like a library. There is one in NY also but I heard this one is much better for the public. I am going to eat lunch at the apple pan at the corner of pico and westwood and as I chow down on my amazing burger (yes burger) I will think of eating at the vineyard with you. I am currently working at a job I hate so I really need a vacation day. (I will be playing hookey,yeah!) My car has been good and hopefully will give me no problems. Did you know there is a pacifica station up there. It is older than BAI supposedly. I will listen for it on my walkman. I really hope you are fine. Happy belated birthday and happy belated anniversary for back of the book.(I checked out the web site-keep up the good work-it let me know you are still alive) OK I have to sign off but I will mail you again soon. Stay warm, Stay sane, Stay tuned..........Love always, Cyn.

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