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It's Friday 9/24/99 03:10:39, and we've recovered from the latest crashes (and you thought that only happened right before the program); I think this page is close to done now. So unless the information on dyslexia below, or something else, updates up over the next few days this is it.

The Autumnal Equinox was on Thursday, September 23rd at 7:31 AM (EDT). You can see the seasons and sub-seasons at my Chart of the Seasons page.

Currently, the City of New York is spraying the insecticide Malathion around the city. This stuff has roused citizen opposition everywhere it's ever been sprayed. If it's a serious problem in the groves of Florida, how much worse must it be in densely populated New York City? There is evidence of this stuff poisoning kids in Ethiopia. This stuff can easily transform itself into something more toxic. Of course the more monied areas of the city are not being sprayed from the air.

One of the problems with Malathion is that some byproducts of its manufacture and storage are toxic, and there is evidence that it can cause genetic damage in people who are exposed to it.

One suggestion for killing some insects has been to use common borax in place a malathion, although this method has apparently not been tested against mosquitoes.

This is all by way of killing the mosquitoes that are spreading disease throughout the city. Of course St. Louis Encephalitis is no picnic, either.

There's been a good court decision, for a change, that has allowed a small company to resist the efforts of Hasbro, Inc. to steal their domain name of clue.com

This decision is heartening to those of us with our own domain names that someone else might covet. The John Marshal Law School based in Chicago tries to keep abreast of these issues.

In fact my own site of glib.com, which you're viewing here, is something that I want to preserve. The other day some guy wanted to buy it from me! No sale.

Something else that I can relate to involves some new research into dyslexia. I probably have some form of this condition. Dr. Toril Fagerheim of University Hospital of Tromsoe, Norway says his team has found the first gene that can be linked to dyslexia. The gene involved, probably one of several, is gene DYX3 on chromosome 2. Links on this discovery are not up yet, but one medical journal may have it on Monday, so I may be able to update this section then.

And then there's the Back of the Book mailbag. In this case it's a virtual mailbag. We got an E-mail from a listener about “Objectivism's” take on global warming and environmentalism in general. I read it on the air and said I'd post it here, but the link it sent you to is now dead, and the link was the most important part of that missive. If I can get a live version of that link in the next few days I'll put it up.

Meanwhile, an amusement.

Subject: so realistic it is scary
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 17:48:36 -0400
From: “North American Shirley”
To: rpm@glib.com

Teletubbie Personality Test

This test is so realistic it is scary!!!!!!! It amazes me how these things really work! How do they do it?? The following test was developed by a combination of top U.S. and European psychologists. The results are extremely accurate in describing your personality with one simple question.

Which is your favorite Teletubbie:
A. Yellow
B. Purple
C. Green
D. Red

(scroll down for psychological profile)

A. You chose the Yellow Teletubbie. You are gay.

B. You chose the Purple Teletubbie. You are gay.

C. You chose the Green Teletubbie. You are gay.

D. You chose the Red Teletubbie. You are gay.

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