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So I have a few things to talk about tonight, and I may get to some topics other than what's below. I'll be going at the mail backlog again and will probably read a good amount of mail on the program. So this page will get updated over the next few days. Be sure to check in again later in the week for the updates.

Here is the latest on the theft of Pacifica. It looks like the the settlement that was being worked out has fallen through. The trial date is January 7, 2001.

Here's my take on the current WBAI and Pacifica crisis, I really have to update this thing. I may have something new to post right after the program.

And remember, there's still a gag rule at WBAI.

There have been some developments in the listener lawsuits, as well.

Some listeners are convinced that only open elections will provide a long range cure for the Pacifica Crisis. Here's an election proposal.

Our colleagues from Off the Hook now have both a RealAudio streaming web cast operating, and their new MP3 stream working at 8:00 PM last night. The MP3 feed is now the preferred feed.

For quite a while there's been a quandary over the observation that anatomically modern humans didn't appear to have a lot of things in their culture that seem ubiquitous to us now. These are things like decorations and art. Modern humans show up in the fossil record more than 100,000 years ago, but art and decoration only seem to show up about 35,000 years ago. Neandertals had some symbolism, and apparent burial rituals, but their cultural remains are nothing like those of later, modern humans.

There is now evidence of decoration, art and symbolism in an archeological site from 70,000 years ago. So maybe there isn't a dichotomy between the appearance of modern humans and the very late appearance of art and decoration.

The stupid Children's Online Protection Act of 1998 is before the Supreme Court. As I've said many times before, I dislike these stupid laws the imbecilic Congress passes from time to time.

I'll certainly have some thing to say about the death of George Harrison.

The Winter Solstice is Friday, December 21, 2001, at 2:22 PM.

There are a lot of issues that we can't talk about on the air at WBAI. But there is an Internet list called “Free Pacifica!” which you can subscribe to, and these issues are discussed there. If you subscribe to it you will receive, via E-mail, all of the messages which are sent to that list. You will also be able to send messages to the list.

If you want to subscribe to the “Free Pacifica!” list just click on this link and follow the instructions, and you'll be subscribed. Could open your eyes a little bit.

The above list has occasionally produced a high volume of E-mail because of the attention that these issues have drawn. If you would prefer to subscribe to a low volume list that only provides announcements of events related to these issues then subscribe to the FreePac mailing list.

Another list that's sprung up is the “NewPacifica” mailing list. This one is very lively and currently includes over 400 subscribers coast to coast. Being lively, of course, it sometimes also gets a bit nasty. All sorts of things are happening on this list. With that warning in mind, you can look at the NewPacifica list here, and you can join the list from that Web page too, although you'll have to deal with Yahoo! to do so.

There is also the more WBAI specific “Goodlight” Web based message board. This one has a great many people posting anonymously and there's also an ancillary board that's just totally out of hand.

The “Goodlight” Web based message board has expanded to cover all Pacifica stations.

My voice mail number at WBAI is 212-209-2996. Leave a message.

You can also send me E-mail.

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