My Father in Drag

My old man in drag

This is a snapshot of my father in drag. For the reason why he's in drag see the previous photograph. Thing is, he won the drag contest! That's his big, first prize in his right hand, a Zippo lighter.

He couldn't do what most couples did, borrow his wife's clothing. My mother was very small and weighed about 98 pounds. My father was only about four inches taller than she, but he weighed 200 pounds! He borrowed a house dress from the wife of his pal Matty, who had gotten us to go to this resort, and he put a pillow under it to affect bosoms. When we each paraded before the assembled resort guests we had to announce who we were. He announced that he was something like Ma Kettle I think. He was definitely some Marjorie Main character.

While some folks were actually trying to win this thing, my father was just doing it as a joke. Thing is, everybody immediately got the joke. He won hands down.

I don't know who the hell that jerk in back of him is, probably another hotel guest.

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